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Balayage is a free-hand technique of applying highlights, and does not usually use foil to separate the hair. Balayage creates soft and natural gradation of lightness along the hair strand—usually slightly deeper closer to the scalp and lighter towards the ends.

Hair Color

The Most Common Hair Colors (Estimated):
  • Black Hair: 85%
  • Brown Hair: 11%
  • Blonde Hair: 2%
  • Red Hair: 1%
  • Gray/White Hair: 1%

Hair Cut

Men tend to have shorter hair, so while it doesn’t grow any faster, their styles dictate more frequent cuts. Women wear their hair in a wider variety of styles and experiment more with color and other treatments, so you may see them less frequently but provide more services.

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Hair Setting

How does hairstyling differ from hairdressing?
Depending on the source, hairdressers are workers who perform the actual shampooing, cutting and coloring of hair, while hair stylists decide on hair designs.

Hair Treatment

  • Scalp Treatment. Individuals who experience dry and itchy scalp may request for a scalp treatment. …
  • Hot Oil Treatment. 
  • Hair Detox Treatment. …
  • Moisture Treatment. …
  • Relax Treatment.
  • And more.


Perms are a chemical treatment used to alter your hair’s natural texture. Taking straight hair and adding a curl or wave. “Perm” is short for “permanent hairstyle” because they are—well—permanent. The chemical process permanently alters your hair’s structure from straight to curly


We’re glad to say that ammonia-free hair color does not damage your hair as the cuticle of your hair is not compromised.


Keratin smooths cells that overlap to form hair strands, which means more manageable hair and less frizz. This makes for hair that dries with little frizz and has a glossy, healthy look to it. Keratin can also reduce the look of split ends by temporarily bonding the hair back together.

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